Work From Home

So you want to work from home, like a boss? Or be your own boss? Or maybe be a boss to others?

How To Work From Home

work from homeWhen I read about working from home posts, or articles they either focus on companies that pay less than minimal wage (after you will not be officially hired) or doing freelance for even less.

If you’re here to find out about the next micro jobs, or sweatshops online, sorry I got nothing for you. So I suggest you go back, and forget your ever landed on this page.

Where The Real Money With Work From Home

Here’s the hard to swallow truth, you will never become rich by working for someone else, and especially if you do it online. That’s why the only way to really earn online is either starting your own business, or becoming an affiliate of an existing business.

I cover the second one in great details in my money formula review so check  that out.

Unfortunately the first one I don’t have much information on as I never actually did it. Heck, I’ve been only making money online for a little while now and don’t know much about it, but that doesn’t matter.

One of my favorite internet marketers one time said “Don’t ask me how it work, or why it works, it just does!”

As funny as that sounds sometimes you don’t need all the why’s and how’s. In matter the fact knowledge, or trying to acquire it, can sometimes even cripple your progress.¬† I know it sounds like I’m talking out of my ass, but here’s an example.

You have two people that want to learn how to swim. One reads tons of books, and manuals while the other just goes to the pool everyday. Who will learn to swim faster?

So just do it, work from home. Andy Jacobs Free Cash Formula will show you how.


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